Getting Started

Getting Started:

If you are thinking about starting your own mobile oil change or fleet maintenance business, go to the Mobile Oil Change Operators forum at There you will find feedback and ideas from within the industry.

Call Mike McKee at On Site Lubes Corporate office in Oklahoma to discuss in person the industry and the opportunities for business ownership. 918-834-5823

If interested in joining the Proprietor Subsidiary expansion program, download the attached application and send it to

How it works:

On Site Lube has the tools and expertise to help you start and grow your business. Our partnership business model uses sweat equity as a partner's capital contribution. Sweat equity is a person's contribution to a company in the form of effort, as opposed to financial equity, which is a contribution in the form of capital. Once you have been selected as our Proprietor to offer On Site Lube services in your area you will enter the Proprietors Training Program.

Our corporate headquarters and training facility are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Proprietors will spend two to four months working directly in the field providing hands on preventive maintenance and oil changes to a wide assortment of customers and vehicles. The goal is to learn every aspect of our operation before implementing services in your new local market.

As a trainee you will at times be required to work long hours. You will work hand in hand with our Service Technicians providing on-site inspection, oil change and preventative maintenance services for our clients at their locations. You will be required to work with inventory, ordering, planning, scheduling, HR, quality, sales and Marketing. You will learn how to choose the right customers and how to service most vehicle types, trucks and equipment. Before returning to your local market you will have identified one hundred customers to target and will have made a minimum of twenty sales presentations.

The goal is that you will be able to generate revenue immediately upon opening the business and that you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to succeed.

Once in your market, you will be employed as the President of the new subsidiary and receive a base salary plus commission and bonus. You will own a percentage of the Subsidiary and commensurate with the growth and profitability of your subsidiary, you will be awarded additional shares of ownership each following year.

The company will provide you with all of the working capital, equipment, insurance, inventory and support to achieve success. You will provide the enthusiasm, effort, attitude and integrity to insure success.

The advantage:

The advantage of our Proprietor program business model is the reduction of risk. Over the years Mobile Lube Operators have come and gone while only a few have survived and even fewer have thrived. Today on Ebay there is a continuous stream of mobile lube service trucks, vans and trailers being sold as once motivated individuals come to terms with their own business failures. The majority of these failures are great people who have started their own business without the support or knowledge to make a successful business. They have invested in equipment, tools and brand identification, only to fail and forced to liquidate. In the end they will recover only a small percentage of what they invested. Using the On Site Proprietor model, the opportunity for success is greatly increased and the risk of financial failure is minimal.


The opportunity for growth and success as a business owner increases as support, knowledge and experience are added to the business. On Site Lube has a planned road map for expansion within specific geographic regions. Once certain milestones are reached, additional resources including foreman, technicians and equipment will be added. Our partners will be directly responsible for growth in their regions and will earn additional shares of their subsidiaries as they grow.

The Bottom Line:

On Site Lube is expanding and is looking for the right partners. We want motivated people who are willing to put in the time and hard work to build their business into a large and profitable enterprise. Success is rewarded by increased ownership and profit sharing. Once accepted into our program you will live and work at our headquarters in Oklahoma. For up to four months you will work in the field and in all of our administrative positions learning everything about the business. Individuals in our Proprietor training program will receive a small salary, a daily stipend and per diem when traveling is required. Once the new business is open and active and the training program is complete, the individual will be named president of their new subsidiary. They will receive a salary, commission, bonus program, and a share of the new business. As their company grows, the Proprietor will receive additional shares and increase their income as their company's revenue and profitability increases. The support of our growing partnership network provides a great value to our subsidiary's and helps the brand grow strong.


Value - Our services reduce costly mechanical repairs and eliminate unnecessary wages associated with down time for drivers and service personal during regular business hours. Our services allow your company to focus on its core business. See how we can help your business!